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Some ideas !!
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Wed Dec 03 2008, 11:12PM
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I'm not a mapper but i have some ideas !!
a Zombie version of mp_vacant form cod4 !!
Pipeline could be cool too !!!

A tower whit zombie coming form the Bottom !!
N u need to get out of it !!
U can only go down but Zombie keeps to come up !!! ha ha

u just crashed in a plane !
ur in the plane and zombie want some fresh meats !!!!!!!

ur a russian in Berlin after a nuclear strike !! u survived !
Sometings of the last stand of hitler come up form the ashes !!! Someting not HUman !!! hahahahah

( Sorry for my bad english its not my natural language im an french canadian !) Thx !!
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Wed Dec 03 2008, 11:40PM
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Hmmmm, a map based on a war torn Berlin?? I like it. I also like the Plane idea.
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Mon Jun 01 2009, 08:19AM
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well its difficult to make a map almost the same as an existing map. its not like we can open that map and start editing, we have to remake the whole map what takes much and much time
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Mon Jun 01 2009, 11:06AM
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Vacant is already a Zombie map. Check the top of the downloads bar on the left of the forums
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