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Pitbull Weapon mod
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Fri Jan 07 2011, 06:30AM
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Some of my clan and I have been playing the Pitbull weapon mod and having an absolute blast. It's restricted, however, to the original map. I'd really like to take the same weapon changes into the other 3 standard levels but am a complete noob at modding. I've pulled apart the pitbull.iwd file and have the modified weapons, but have no idea on how to insert them into the other levels.

Brief advice or pointers to online tips would be very welcome. I'm sure I can work it out eventually but don't want to waste my time if someone can tell me how up-front!


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Sat Jan 22 2011, 08:38AM
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So I've done some poking around with modded weapons since I posted the above. I can mod weapons just fine for the first two standard maps, but if I load my mod for Shi no Numa or Der Riese strange stuff happens. The modded starting pistol is fine (name changed for test purposes, larger clip, more ammo) but if I buy one of the modded other weapons I end up with no gun visible, a strange pink/purple tag on my characters left arm and "Default Weapon" listed. The starting gun is still there as my secondary.

I can send the mod if someone wants to test it themselves - it's pretty small as it's just the /weapons/sp/ folder slightly altered.

Suggestions, thoughts, ideas all welcome.

[ Edited Sun Jan 23 2011, 10:00AM ]
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