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How to script or code a map
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Sun Jul 11 2010, 04:25PM
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you know how u have to make a map but also use codes to actually start the map stuff like "targetname "pandora_box" "950" i dont get how to do that can someone help me
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Tue Jul 13 2010, 10:18AM

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You need to create a trigger. First find the trigger brush and cover the area where the pandora box will go. Then hit the "n" key to bring up the entities box. You need to add the following parameters...

"zombie_cost" "950"
"targetname" "treasure_chest_use"
"script_noteworthy" "[Assign It One You Listed In Script]"

Next you will need to create a script model. I don't know the name of the one to use, but there should be one there for a magic box lid. Right click on the map and select model, then navigate to xmodel. There should be one in there for a magic box lid or pandora box lid.

Again, with the entities box brought up, add the following parameters...

"model" "zombie_treasure_box_lid"

Next create a script origin. Do this by right clicking and select script then origin. A red box should appear.

Then you need to create another script model. This time for the box itself. So right click, select model, navigate to xmodel and look for the one for the magic box / pandora box.

Press "n" to bring up the entities box. Input the following parameter....

"model" "zombie_treasure_box"

Finally, you need to set up targeting...

In the entities box again, add the following parameters...

1) Targetname - Trigger_Use | Target - Script_Model
2) Targetname - Script_Model | Target - Script_Origin
3) Targetname - Script_Origin | Target - Script_Model

Hope that helps
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Sat Jul 17 2010, 07:27PM
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thanks but i still dont get how to even start coding
do i open some special thing
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