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Launching multiple mods?
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Tue Jun 16 2009, 01:02PM
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Apologies If I have posted this in the wrong bit, I wasn't quite sure where to post it.
Is it possible to run more than one mod at a time? For example, I have found a mod for removing effects such as fog, in order to increase the framerate. A couple of the maps I have downloaded from here (one with fog, the other I got fed up of waiting for it to load, the sounds started but the screen was still black, the framerate was that slow). Of course, I have no idea whether or not the effects mod would work on custom maps, but if it was possible to launch 2 mods together it would be worth a try.
If this isn't possible, then is it at all possible to combine 2 mods (with Mod Tools I guess)? I.e. combine the effects mod with the maps I have framerate issues with so they launch as one mod?
Or, a final idea, is it possible to turn off effects myself by editing the maps? And where might I find information on how to do so?
Any help would be much appreciated.
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Wed Jun 17 2009, 07:59AM
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I've attempted to run multiple mods with no success. Try Google but if that does you no good maybe you should try the official CoD forums.
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Wed Jun 17 2009, 01:55PM
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I have found a couple of mods where the author has written that it works with so and so mod by copying 'some file' over to the other mod directory, but I have had no success with just any mods so I guess it is only some mods that have been designed to work together. Considering the large modding community, I find it odd that it isn't possible to run multiple mods. I suppose it is for safety, having only one mod running helps to narrow down any issues to just that one mod. But they could allow us to run two or three at a time, maybe with a warning when do so that it could cause instability. I'll have a look through the CoD forums, thanks.
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