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Zombie maps from films
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Fri Nov 21 2008, 03:16PM
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Well as ive mentioned already part of the map i am making (the idea anyway) is taken from 28 days later when they are rushing up the stairwell and the infected are coming from below them then the guy with the police shield stops them.

As previously mentioned in the top post you have the shopping mall from dawn of the dead. amazing film, first ever to give me a nightmare, that bit where they come rushing out the trees at the end is freaky.

If anyone has seen Rec (Quarantine) then that house could also be another idea, although it would be a bit harder to make and i dont know if it will work, but its just an idea!

How about famous places as well? Houses of parliment zombies! Gordon Brown and his trusty trench gun against increasing waves of zombies! lol

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Fri Nov 21 2008, 10:13PM

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Well I've just had one idea, but not too sure which part would be good, but I've always liked Resident Evil, so maybe something out of the original game would be good to do, like the entrance Hall bit when they first enter the mansion.
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Sat Nov 22 2008, 05:51PM
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Has anyone seen Feast? http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0426459/ That bar from it would work well (the monsters weren't zombies but same concept, they even boarded up the windows and what not). You could even put Jason Mewes corpse on the ground (Jay from Jay and Silent Bob, he was killed in the first like 5 mins).

Btw, it's a great/funny movie to watch if anyone hasn't.
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Mon Dec 29 2008, 05:33AM
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any maps from 28 days later or 28 weeks later would be the BEST love those movies... the start of 28 weeks later would be great! the mansion of 28 days later would also be cool.. on mayber somethign in LONDON streets and accros the bridge how sweet would that be!.... hope a mapper likes the movies as much as i do
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Mon Dec 29 2008, 10:10PM
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i recommend outpost is an awesome film for low budget and i think they may have left it open for another but perfect nazi zombies in that film
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Tue Dec 30 2008, 04:39PM
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One type of zombie map I have not seen an attempt at that would be darn cool, is one with a wide open kill zone. Like in 28 days later when they are with the military squad and they shoot zombies which are crossing a field running towards the mansion/estate. A totally different concept than the close quarters maps.
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Sat Jan 03 2009, 02:26AM
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"Mcleish257" wrote ...
dont forget about the shopping mall, huge area loads of possible entrances (with it being a shopping mall there is always a gun shop )

While I truly appreciate all the custom map work you guys do here, I'm pretty surprised this hasn't been done yet. The mall setting from Dawn of the Dead is classic and would make for a lot of fun. Make it wide-open & big with lots of room for running & definitely a gun shop. Maybe 3 main entrances/barricades, laid out in a "T" formation. Perhaps retreating to a rooftop woul make a great 'last stand' area . ....Now that would be cool.
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Mon Jan 05 2009, 01:00AM
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what about mall in GTA: Vice City. That one is quite good and it has exit to parking lot. i think it is time to have big maps not just medium/small maps
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Wed Feb 11 2009, 07:34AM
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I heard about this one Nazi zombie movie (one of the very few of its kind, 2 i think) and its called "Shock Waves" google it or maybe you can find it on netflicks. its not a very good movie from what i read in a review, but it gave me an idea of a map. in the movie, the nazis come walking out of the watter, and attack this small island where a crew is stranded from a storm. it would have a bout wreak (if there is a model for that, if not, maybe a landing craft,) andthe zombies spawning in the watter. there would be a crashed plane with differnet weapons on the ground around it and a tunnel that leads to an underground storm shelter. i think about the rest later
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Wed Feb 11 2009, 01:37PM
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[ Edited Wed Feb 11 2009, 01:57PM ]
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