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Tue Nov 18 2008, 09:32AM
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Hey all,

So i have started work on some prefabs for my new map made with my colleagues and clan buddies over at unpk | Clan.
I have drawn up a small plan and a small description for you all. Its going to be similar to the stock map, but with a few better tweaks and will leave you with essentially a better gaming experience. The hard thing about building a zombie map is to get the balance right. Try to put yourself inside the map when designing it, and think of tense situations that would build up the way it plays. The ups and downs of unlockable Areas and the funneling that will essentially give the player a "break" on higher levels.

Let me explain this map abit to you.

There are 6 windows in the bottom level, however 3 of them are really close together which should make for some cool killing.

The windows on the corners are funneled into the centre of the room where there are holes in the walls so that the middle 3 can help out the flanking windows.

Once overwhelmed the survivors have 2 options. To unlock the "South stairs" which will lead into a room with 3 windows. (theres only 2 there now but there shall be a third). Its the room that is yellow in colour. The room can then be got to by the zombies from 4 locations. 3 windows and 1 stairs.

The second option is to take the main stairs in the middle of the main room. This will lead you to "Second Floor". On the left. The stairs are funneled into the second floor. The second floor consists of three entry points. Two to the North end of the building, and one on the main stairs. Theyll be coming up those stairs pretty fast so i didnt see the need for four entrys, but i may well add one anyway.

On the second floor shall be a balcony that is edged off with sandbags, you shall be able to shoot down to help the person defending the stairs by easing the number of zombies that are entering the ground floor.

Nice simple map, with a similar layout to the map they have up at the moment. However mine will have improved balcony, and a better fight for the humans on the second floor. Its impossible to hold the second floor on the stock map. Mine will only have 3 entry ways which will allow the four to post 1 on the corner windows, 1/2 on the stairs and 1/2 on the balcony sandbags shooting down.

I quite like it!

Feedback please.

This map has been copyrighted already by unpk| clan. If copied, you shall be dealt with.
unpk| clan copyright 2008 - 2010

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Tue Nov 18 2008, 12:49PM
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Looks good.

I'd like to see somebody get past wave 20 on this though.

its a very good idea, although i would recommend that you make the unlockable room alittle bigger, as that would be almost impossible to defend over wave 18 or so.

One other thing that would make its better is if u added the weapon spawns that your gonna be adding cuz then we can tell.

Looking great and im sure that its gonna be pretty amazing!


My comments are basically because I would prefer it to be easier But yeh that looks amazing, will be good to get out of that default building!
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Tue Nov 18 2008, 12:51PM
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Nice idea's, I hope this is released! Don't forget to keep us posted with images/progress etc. I was gonna advise putting a window on the bottom follow at the back; but with the yellow room and the stairs at the back I suppose zombies will just come down those stairs, and from the middle stairs.

I hope this works out as I will enjoy playing on this!
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Tue Nov 18 2008, 01:40PM
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nice, glad some ones going for it
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Tue Nov 18 2008, 02:56PM
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Took on board your messages, and i have made the room abit bigger with weapons added in. Notice i have put the random weapon box away from the stairs, so if you want a better weapon you shall have to leave the stairs. I have also put a magnum downstairs to aid with staying down there longer. Im trying to encourage people away from that small room as its going to be easier to defend with only 3 entry points. I want to make that the last room they go into. The one where they can have three people watching the main wave when they pull back and have one watching the window, which by then they should have ray guns etc. Then evac to the bottom floor again. Then they could hold up in a corner. One watching window 3 watching ahead. Updated pic below:

[ Edited Tue Nov 18 2008, 02:57PM ]
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Tue Nov 18 2008, 03:44PM
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Woot, thompson and trenchgun are in the same room, I'm happy =P
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Tue Nov 18 2008, 03:58PM
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Gotta have those together i believe! I was going to put the sawn off in the main room ground floor, but decided against it.

Does anyone here know any scripting? Im going to add abit of music in when you reach 18. Any requests? Was thinking Prodigy? Or maybe something from the matrix like Rage Against the machine or something.
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Tue Nov 18 2008, 05:07PM
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Great Looking map and I like the plans, but could it be possible if the MP40 was in the main room somewhere?

If not then there isan't a problem.
Good ideas and Great layout.

Can't wait to play.
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Tue Nov 18 2008, 05:53PM
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wow i m impressed pretty cool map. could be a villa from a rich nazi or something like that. where you goona plan to put weapon buy places at the wall and the random box? Hope we can buy other weapons than the ones on the default map.
When it' s finished I will do a promotion video.
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Tue Nov 18 2008, 06:36PM
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Alright as far as music... SOMEONE HAS TO DO A MAP WITH RAMMSTEIN IN THE BACKGROUND, heh... sorry about the caps but I love Rammstein. Du hast would be the obvious choice, but there are many other songs of theirs I'd be happy to suggest =P

[ Edited Tue Nov 18 2008, 07:33PM ]
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