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Mon Nov 17 2008, 01:58AM
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Two windows to start, then you pay 500 to get through a door which has sandbags abit behide and then so on.

Small and player friendly.

Layout of corridor map


: and . = window
D = Doors
S = Sandbags

: D S D S |
: D S D S |
________________________________________________| |
| |
| |
| ....... |
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Mon Nov 17 2008, 08:24AM
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Joined: Sun Nov 16 2008, 02:14PM
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Sounds alright.

Just gotta wait for a map builder to be released
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Mon Nov 17 2008, 12:47PM
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Joined: Mon Nov 17 2008, 12:41PM
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I think im going to build a guard post, which will be set in the jungle. Wonder if Zombie AI can climb ladder?
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Mon Nov 17 2008, 12:53PM
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Joined: Sat Nov 15 2008, 04:34PM
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I have seen AI climb ladders in CoD5 singleplayer so I suspect so
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Mon Nov 17 2008, 02:06PM
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Joined: Sun Nov 16 2008, 06:52PM
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bit unrealistic nazi zombies in the jungle.
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Mon Nov 17 2008, 11:00PM
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Joined: Sun Nov 16 2008, 10:42PM
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Has anyone seen "The Bunker: The Evil Within" If so a map based on that would be great.

Or even "The Keep"
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Tue Nov 18 2008, 11:30AM
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as soon as its realesed ile build like 5 maps just for cod5zombies.com
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Tue Nov 18 2008, 12:43PM
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Joined: Tue Nov 18 2008, 12:31PM
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What about a Hedge maze?
not exactly like this but you get the idea

You could have fog on the ground and of course it would be at night but you could still see by moon light or whatever. So basically you have to go through the maze and each time killing a wave of zombies. The maze would be complicated enough to where you can't remember the directions but easy enough where you can find the finish again. So once you go from one side to the other thats level 1. Then you turn back around and go through the maze again but this time with more zombies maybe more fog or something. I think you get the idea. But i think this would be $%^# scary if you are running through the maze and the next corner there is a zombie right up in your grill screaming or whatever.

Another idea would be to have a multiple story building. So you start in the basement and work your way up and each floor is a new level with more zombies and you have to kill all the zombies before the door to the next floor is unlocked or something. And of course each floor contains better weapons.

Anyways hope you like the ideas.
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Fri Nov 21 2008, 06:02PM
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soqzippo - i absolutely love the idea!!

I think the main thing to do with this zombie mod is scare the bejesus out of people and something like that maze sounds just about perfect!
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Fri Nov 21 2008, 10:03PM

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Yeah, we deffinately need to bring in the fear factor, although I must admit, I've jumped in me seat a couple of times while shooting at zombies through the window, and then I turn around and there's a whole bumch of em behind me lol. Doesn't help that my sound is off most of the time though cos the misses is in bed!!
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