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Zombie Maps
TMG Alcatraz 1.0
Author Nukem
Description My most epic work to date and First TMG Official release i proudly present TMG Alcatraz

Hints : humm ive seen this before .....
: Get a drop and have no gun? hummm ADS maybe?
: remember airport
: Keep the generators topped up (see below) #####
Complete overhaul on the weapons in cod5 waw as outlined below
Standard waw weapons have been reduced slightly around 5 taken out and all these added
Black ops 2 weapons : Galil , Peacekeeper
Mw3 weapons : M4 , Five7 , Type95
Black ops weapons : Stoner , Famas , Commando , Rpk , HK21 , Spectre , Kapris , ,Ks23 ,Mpl , Deathmachine
Mw2 weapons :Famas , Ump45 , Scar , Vector , M16, M4 , ACR , SPAS12 , AK47 , Deagle.tac , AA12
Cod4 weapons : Ak74u , Ak47 , Mp5 , M40a3 , Barret , G36c , Deagle , G3 ,Uzi , Saw , m1014 ,P90
FarCry3 weapons : MP5
Battlefeild3 weapons : F2000
Homefront weapons : M4
TMG weapons : Thor Bolt
There will be some secret guns so no telling now
All Pack N Punch able
#Custom content,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Custom Scripts
Custom Traps
Custom Drops
Custom weapons and animations
One way teleporter, just one if you can find it
Extra Perks
Custom Power System /keep you eyes on this run out of power you run outa perks
Custom Textures
Objectives / cut from release due to string limit
AI with mounted MG
Buyable ending

Promo Vid 1

Promo Vid 2

Thanks for your help

Massive thanks to TOM_BMX for putting up with my millions of questions and helping me get this map to the standard it is and use of his win tools
and of course his amazing scripting

Massive thanks to TMG for there support and help

Thanks to CoDmapper for use of his buyable maxammo script

Thanks to ZCTxChaosx for help with light mapping and general mapping tips and tricks

Thanks to Radimax for win skills learnt on detailing and help given in layout etc

Thanks to sanya for his weapon ports & anims

Thanks to TMG Yph1l for scripting support

Thanks to TMG Quiz for weapons ,fx and all round help

Thanks to swazy for the working clip on peacekeeper

Thanks to the guys over at Openwarfaremod.com

Thanks to the guys over at CFGFactory.com

Thanks to the guys over at France-fr mod tools

Thanks to the guys at mappersunited.com

Thanks to the guys over at Modsonline.com

Thanks to Black jack jonney for great tuts on mapping really helped me with this map

Thanks to Beta testers Zebbazombies , Quiz ,ZCT Chaos . Essofps ,Joshybfps

Thanks to NGT Spiderbite for the promo video on my map very much appreciated

Thanks to everyone @TMG for all your comments and support

All black ops guns ported via Tom_Bmx xmodel utills tool
All xanim ported via Tom_Bmx xanim tool
All black ops sounds ported via Tom_Bmx sound tool
All cod4 guns ported via Tom_Bmx xmodel mover
Custom drops Tom_Bmx
Custom mw2 ACR & wm2 Spas12 & wm2 famas by sanya
Other mw2 and mw3 guns by members of CFGFactory.com
Thanks to The openwarefare project and members
Thanks to Vince-tk & Str1k3r

anyone i missed thanks

All other weapons ported by myself

weapon names of friends and win modders/mappers

Build Time : one year and five months (should have been done in 4 months lol )

Power system : keep the generators topped up there are fuel cans around the map once a generator has fuel you can turn it on and then turn a switch to your chosen perk machine ,if the generator runs out of fuel or breaks down you will need to fix,refuel and turn the generator on and turn the switch on again for the perk to work the perk shaders will go see through when there isnt enough power for the machines when you switch back on they will light up again so if your shader is dimmed out you have no perk

~~Mapping & Modding Team~~
TMG SnoekDawg
TMG Don Goony
TMG YaPh1l
TMG Quizz
TMG Sug4rKane
TMG Nukem
TMG Radimax
TMG Znicc
TMG PorkRoyalz
TMG Wilhelm Wulf

I make WINS : D
TMG Nukem
aka Dan

Thank you for standing by me : D
Image Click here for screenshot
Filesize 286.27 MB
Date Tuesday 27 August 2013 - 19:55:44
Downloads 4537
 8.4 - 22 votes 
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Shadowvenom @ 27 Aug : 21:40
Reply to this
Hey just downloading this now - i saw spiders youtube vid a couple days back and liked the look of it but couldnt find it to download didnt realise it wasnt actually released yet, if anyone wants to do coop this map add xpliciit
Kenanskillz @ 31 Aug : 19:50
Reply to this
I downloaded it so i guess you can download it
alexmania @ 07 Sep : 08:21
Reply to this
It is the best map I can play !!!!
Xx_Stage_xX @ 17 Sep : 08:21
Reply to this
can i install it on my original cod 5? i want to prove it
Nukem @ 21 Sep : 17:03
Reply to this
Hay can you change the download link as this version needs to be binned this is version 1.1 has duel wield uzi's raygun mk2 loads of mw2 and 3 weapons and all bugs fixed cheers Nukem http://www.gamefront.com/files/23688578/TMG_Alcatraz_DW_rar
KalebNS @ 16 Oct : 00:39
Reply to this
This map is amazing but very hard![imgzombie.jpeg][/img]
iltincho @ 11 Dec : 22:09
Reply to this
hello donwloading is down? i have crazy for play this map, amazing thanks for your time !!!
iltincho @ 20 Dec : 18:47
Reply to this
thanks not fund link
TheGamingGod212 @ 25 Jan : 20:35
Reply to this
THX man i just found out about this map and its beast mode guys
WLWWA @ 29 Mar : 08:22
Reply to this
how to solo?
redking @ 29 Oct : 17:19
Reply to this
/devmap TMG_Alcatraz
james910417 @ 02 Apr : 13:50
Reply to this
this map is very hard.... but still fun ,not for new players
cocobensa @ 17 Aug : 16:14
Reply to this
Lol Galil is form BO1 not 2

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